20. 10. 2017 European Digestive Cancer Days 26–27 September 2017
  • At the end of September, Prague hosts an international conference dedicated to prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer and other digestive cancers – European Digestive Cancer Days 2017. Presentations, press releases and short video from the conference was published.
03. 10. 2017 Cancer Incidence in the Czech Republic, 2015
  • The total number of cases of malignant neoplasms and neoplasms in situ (ICD-10 diagnosis codes C00–C97 and D00–D09) newly reported in 2015 to the Czech National Cancer Registry was 94,462, including 48,666 cases in males and 45,796 cases in females.
21. 09. 2017 Hospitalization in hospitals in the CR 2016
  • The source of information are data on hospitalizations in hospitals in the Czech Republic from the National Registry of Hospitalized Patients. Data are classified by patient’s residence, place of treatment, sex, diagnosis and age group.