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Region Jihomoravský

Basic information

Area 7 196 km2. The region consists of 7 districts. From the 1st January 2004, when the reform of state administration came into force, the region is divided into 21 administrative districts of municipalities with extended competence.


Health care in the Jihomoravský Region (2013)

Number of inhabitants to 1.7.1 168 577
   o.w.: females596 713
Number of inhabitants to 31.12.1 170 078
   o.w.: females total597 545
   o.w.: females (15-49)273 355
children (0-14)172 886
adolescents (15-19)52 240
Age preference index120,2
Still births34
Live births 12 403
per 1 000 inhabitants10,6
neonatal deaths19
per 1 000 live births 1,5
Infants deaths 29
per 1 000 live births 2,3
Deaths total11 629
per 1 000 inhabitants 10
   o.w.: neoplasms2 905
diseases of the circulatory system5 578
injury and poisoning646
   o.w.: siucides183
Standardised mortality640,6
   o.w.: males840,2
Abortions total3 775
per 1 000 women in the fertile age (15-49)13,8
   o.w.: induced legally abortions (LIA)2 220
per 1 000 women in the fertile age8,1
Percentage of women using contraception51,1
Marriages5 043
per 1 000 inhabitants4,3
Divorces3 000
per 1 000 inhabitants2,6
Health establishments
Hospitals total21
   o.w.: hospitals with chronic beds1
private hospitals (founded by psysical person or other legal body)4
   o.w.: follow-up services1
Institutes for long-term patients2
Institutes for TB&respiratory diseases for adults-
Psychiatric institutes for adult 1
Balneologic institutes1
Other bed establishments6
Independent establishments of out-patient care2 810
Institutes for infants & homes for children3
Day clinics & centres for children4
Day clinics for adults4
Special health establishments - others 30
Pharmacies (incl. detached department of drug distribution)335
Medical device dispensaries 16
Organs of public health protection1
   o.w.: health istitute-
regional hygiene stations1
Other health establishments59
Pharmaceutical service
Number of inhabitants per 1 pharmacy (incl. detached departments of drug distribution)3 493
Pharmacists (FTE)877,74
Pharmaceut. lab. technician (FTE)634,6
Number of approved prescriptions7 867 503
Number of approved vouchers per medical aids431 256
Revenues for medicaments and medical devices per 1 inhabitant6 861
Beds total8 774
  incl.: hospitals total7 156
per 10 000 inhabitants to 31.12.61,2
private hospitals (founded by psysical person or other legal body)511
institutes for long-term patients363
institutes for TB & respiratory diseases for adults-
psychiatric institutes for adult 757
balneologic institutes306
other bed establishments192
Physicians (incl.dentists, FTE)
In-patient care total1 627,75
  incl.: hospitals1 552,46
institutes for long-term patients21,64
institutes for TB&respiratory diseases for adults-
psychiatric institutes for adult 36,87
balneologic institutes5,35
other bed establishments11,43
Total out-patient care (includ. common examination and treatment units)4 074,77
  incl.: out patients parts of hospitals1 215,48
out patients parts of other bed establishments 14,52
independent establishments of out-patient care2 844,77
   o.w.: general medicine for adults540,07
general medicine for children and adolescents232,15
specialists (except common examination and treatment units)839,88
common examination and treatment units521,03
other health establishments102,64
Employees on payroll and employers (FTE)
manpower total28 397,92
  incl.: Physicians4 519,98
other professional health personnel in health services17 356,88
  incl.: paramedical workers with professional qulification (PWPQ)12 603,93
   o.w.: general nurses & midwives9 842,47
paramedical workers with professional & spec. qualification (PWSQ)1 136,62
health care workers under profes.supervision (HWUS)3 296,4
other profes.workers in health care and dentists319,93
pedagogical personnel49,7
technical and economic personnel (THP)2 415,29
manual workers and operational personnel2 272,29
Contract workers (FTE)
Manpower total810,19
  incl.: physicians354,9
other profes.workers in health care270,12
  incl.: paramedical workers with professional qulification (PWPQ)186,34
   o.w.: general nurses & midwives124,83
paramedical workers with professional & spec. Qualification (PWSQ)18,49
health care workers under profes.supervision (HWUS)60,53
other profes.workers in health care and dentists4,76
pedagogical personnel3
technical and economic personnel (THP)75,45
manual workers and operational personnel73,76
The average monthly salary (according to valid regulations on salary)
Total28 651
   o.w.: physicians and dentists55 593
general nurses & midwives26 975
other paramedical workers with professional qualifications25 947
The average monthly wage (according to valid regulations on wages)
Total22 253
   o.w.: physicians and dentists41 685
general nurses & midwives20 516
other paramedical workers with professional qualifications20 942
Number of out-patient examinations (except common examination and treatment units, health emergency service, anaesthesiology & resuscitation)
Out-patient examinations16 387 329
per 1 inhabitant14
Health Status
Hospitalised persons in hospitals per 100 000 inhabitans21 724
Incapacity for work-
number of notified cases per 100 insured29,6
average percentage 3,7
Newly notified of selected diseases -
other salmonella infections (A02)1 504
TB total (A15-19)59
   o.w.: tuberculosis of the respiratory systém (A15-16)56
syphilis (A50-53)95
gonococ.infection (A54)159
viral encephalitis (A84)55
infectious mononucleosis (B27)279
Bacterial meningitis (G00)23
Newly notified MN cases and in situ neoplasms (2011) (C00-97) (D00-09)9 909
   o.w.: MN of trachea, MN of bronchus and lung - males (C33-34)398
MN of breast - females (C50)733
colorectal cancer - males (C18-21)527
colorectal cancer - females (C18-21)417
Number of live births with congenital malformation (2012)391
Number of followed up children (0-14)111 581
Number of followed up persons by GP for adults -
 for: Hypertensive diseases (I10-15)213 594
ischemic heart disease (I20-25)88 174
cerebrovascular diseases (I60-69)32 922
Number of treated diabetics to 31.12.97 934