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National Register of Mothers at Childbirth (NRROD)


The purpose of detection of the requested data is to secure basic data on the reproduction anamnesis of the woman, on the course of her pregnacy, childbirth and on the newborn. Monitoring of mothers serves for evaluation of her state of health from the viewpoint of quality of care. The obtained information is a valuable source of information for gynaecologic and obstetric care and an important instrument for improvement of the care for pregnant and parturient women. Information of the register is used for determination of conceptions and realisations of the state health policy in the field of gynaecologic and obstetric care and at the same time it is used tor databases World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and other international organisations according to contract obligations.


National Register of Mothers at Childbirth is a nationwide population register that builds on the information system on mothers at childbirth maintained in IHIS CR since 1991. NRROD registers all mothers at childbirth subject to the notification duty.

1. Data on mother

  • number of medical record
  • Identification number of establishment (IČO/PČZ), department
  • personal identification number
  • health insurance company
  • municipality of residence
  • number of municipality of residence
  • number of municipality with extended competence
  • citizenship in EU
  • date of admission (year, month, day, hour)
  • marital status
  • education
  • previous pregnancies – births – total
  • previous pregnancies – births – of that preterm
  • previous pregnancies – births – of that caesarean section (SC)
  • previous pregnancies – died – stillbirths
  • previous pregnancies – died – early newborn’s death
  • previous pregnancies – died – late newborn’s death
  • previous pregnancies – abortions – spontaneous
  • previous pregnancies – abortions – artificial (LIA)
  • previous pregnancies – abortions – ectopic

2. Data on pregnancy

  • prenatal care – beginning (week) – number of controls
  • number of all institutional care (hospitalisations) and total of concluded weeks of stay in establishments for institutional care
  • increase of weight (kg)
  • addictive substances (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • ultrasonic examination – first – week, last – week
  • ultrasonic examination – detection lf congenital malformation – week
  • ultrasonic examination – multiple pregnancy – week
  • diabetes
  • serious complications of pregnancy and delivery – diagnoses (dg. from International statistical classification of diseases and related health problems in wording of the 10th revision (ICD-10))
  • presumed date of birth (year, month, day) according to stated method of determination of term of birth

3. Data on delivery

  • date of birth (year, month, day, hr.)
  • date of rupture of membranes (amniotic fluid) (year, month, day, hr.)
  • multiplicity of pregnancy
  • gestation age
  • induction – indication (diagnosis for induction after ICD-10 states reason for induction of birth)
  •   status of fetus A, B, C (order of newborns in delivery of multiple pregnancy)
  • symptoms of risk
  • cardiotocographic monitoring of fetal heart frequency and uterine action (CTG)
  • indication for SC (diagnosis of indication for SC 1, for SC 2, after ICD-10)
  • anesthesia
  • termination vaginal A, B, C
  • termination per SC
  • termination per SC – of that breech delivery
  • complications during delivery
  • medication during delivery
  • delivery conducted by
  • evaluation of delivery
  • date of conclusion of Report on mother at childbirth (ZR)–year, month, day, hr.
  • reason of conclusion of ZR
  • complications in puerperium – dg. from ICD-10

4. Data on child

  • sex A, B, C
  • vitality A, B, C
  • birth weight (g) A, B, C
  • Apgar scores A, B, C (after 1, 5, 10 minutes)
  • pH (pH values of umbilical cord blood in newborns A, B, C)
  • status of child A, B, C at discharge of mother


Information on mother at childbirth, pregnancy, delivery and child obtained in hospitalisation of the mother in connection with childbirth or puerperium.